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Gardening Health

How Good is Gardening for Your Health


Welcome to the Age of Technology, where information is the new currency that controls the majority of our lives. Rather than making life on this planet, most will agree that technology has made life a bit more difficult, and a heck of a lot more stressful. If this about sums it up for you, then […]

Therapeutic Horticulture

Therapeutic Horticulture


Landscape architects and DIY garden designers have always developed their structures as sanctuaries; places where people can retreat from the stress and anxiety of everyday life. Most cities have botanical gardens, while others offer enormous green spaces, like Central Park in New York City. Although ..

Gardening Kids

Get Your Kids Into Gardening


If you are the parents of children, one of the more difficult tasks you might encounter will be getting your kids to eat a balanced diet full of healthy food. One of the best ways to encourage your kids to enjoy those healthy foods is by getting them out into the garden with you. In […]

Vertical Gardening

Vertical Gardening & You


Gardening is an activity that millions of people around the world enjoy. Unfortunately, there are several millions more who are unable to garden because of their current living conditions; they reside in one of the many concrete jungles that make up metropolitan urban areas. Thankfully, a handful of the heartiest ..

Gardening Mind

Gardening; Medicine for the Mind


It’s January, and here in the United States that means the days are starting to get a little bit longer with each passing day as we march towards the growing season, which is great news for those of us who garden. It shouldn’t be long now before we can get out in the garden and […]


Making the Most of Micro-Greens


Haven’t heard of microgreens yet? Chances are you’re missing a golden opportunity to increase the amount of nutrients present in your diet regimen. Recent research conducted by the USDA (U.S. Dept. of Agriculture) in conjunction with the University of Maryland, discovered that leaves found on microgreens ..


5 Tips for Beginning Gardeners


Every experienced gardener got their start somewhere and most of them, myself included, committed every cardinal sin in the big book of gardening that first go around. I sat down the other night to try and recall all the mistakes I made my first year. After a couple hours of jotting down notes, I decided ..

bay leaves

The Benefits of Bay Leaves


Bay leaves are harvested from the bay laurel tree. Originating in the Mediterranean, bay leaf is now cultivated in several countries and used as a culinary flavor enhancer in several cuisines. Bay leaves are also used in the manufacturing of perfumes, and they are an ingredient in several herbal remedies ..


Purslane—The Health Boosting Power Plant


Purslane, also known by a bevy of other names, such as pigweed, red root, and hogweed to name a few, is often considered a weed here in the United States; however, it was originally cultivated as a leafy vegetable in the regions of India and Persia. Today it grows in several countries. You’ve probably ..

SF 4

Redecorate the Garden with Spilled Flower Pots


If you have a backyard garden, then there’s a better than average chance you have a few varieties of flowers growing somewhere; they do add beautiful décor to the area they are grown in. Flowers add vibrant color schemes to the garden when added, and there are plenty of non-traditional methods of including ..