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How to Have a Green Thumb During Winter


When it comes to winter gardening, there are a few things you can do to keep that “green thumb” going throughout the winter months. For those of you who live in climate zones that experience mild winter weather, it is possible to continue gardening successfully with less to worry about in the form ..

Gardening Health

How Good is Gardening for Your Health


Welcome to the Age of Technology, where information is the new currency that controls the majority of our lives. Rather than making life on this planet, most will agree that technology has made life a bit more difficult, and a heck of a lot more stressful. If this about sums it up for you, then […]

Therapeutic Horticulture

Therapeutic Horticulture


Landscape architects and DIY garden designers have always developed their structures as sanctuaries; places where people can retreat from the stress and anxiety of everyday life. Most cities have botanical gardens, while others offer enormous green spaces, like Central Park in New York City. Although ..

bay leaves

The Benefits of Bay Leaves


Bay leaves are harvested from the bay laurel tree. Originating in the Mediterranean, bay leaf is now cultivated in several countries and used as a culinary flavor enhancer in several cuisines. Bay leaves are also used in the manufacturing of perfumes, and they are an ingredient in several herbal remedies ..

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Growing Herbs Indoors


Most herbs worship the sun! As transplants from the Mediterranean, herbs do not take kindly to being grown in environments that do not replicate their origins, or in areas with less than sufficient sunlight, such as inside houses. Herbs do not thrive in east, or north facing windows, as these sides of the house ..