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Stop Slaughtering House Plants


Are you frustrated with trying to grow a lush indoor landscape full of healthy house plants? Do you find yourself accidentally killing the house plants you spend so much time and effort trying to raise? Believe it or not, this is quite common, especially among new indoor gardeners and people who may not necessarily ..

Gardening Health

How Good is Gardening for Your Health


Welcome to the Age of Technology, where information is the new currency that controls the majority of our lives. Rather than making life on this planet, most will agree that technology has made life a bit more difficult, and a heck of a lot more stressful. If this about sums it up for you, then […]

Therapeutic Horticulture

Therapeutic Horticulture


Landscape architects and DIY garden designers have always developed their structures as sanctuaries; places where people can retreat from the stress and anxiety of everyday life. Most cities have botanical gardens, while others offer enormous green spaces, like Central Park in New York City. Although ..

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Redecorate the Garden with Spilled Flower Pots


If you have a backyard garden, then there’s a better than average chance you have a few varieties of flowers growing somewhere; they do add beautiful décor to the area they are grown in. Flowers add vibrant color schemes to the garden when added, and there are plenty of non-traditional methods of including ..


Overwinter Geraniums Successfully


Geraniums, for the most part, are grown in regions that experience harsh winters. Very few people realize that geraniums can be brought inside and tended to throughout those harsh winters, giving them the upper hand when spring rolls around again. Overwintering geraniums has long been a tradition in European ..