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Garden tools

Tool Care & Maintenance


How many of you have gearheads for husbands, or are a gearhead yourself for that matter? Have you ever heard them utter the age-old adage; “take care of your tools and your tools will take care of you!” Well, the same applies to the tools you use in your garden. I know what you’re thinking; […]

herb garden

Growing Herbs Indoors


Most herbs worship the sun! As transplants from the Mediterranean, herbs do not take kindly to being grown in environments that do not replicate their origins, or in areas with less than sufficient sunlight, such as inside houses. Herbs do not thrive in east, or north facing windows, as these sides of the house ..


Overwinter Geraniums Successfully


Geraniums, for the most part, are grown in regions that experience harsh winters. Very few people realize that geraniums can be brought inside and tended to throughout those harsh winters, giving them the upper hand when spring rolls around again. Overwintering geraniums has long been a tradition in European ..

Organic Farm

Organic Farming Gains New Ground


GOOD NEWS: The amount of available organic farmland in the United States has hit an all-time high. Per data furnished by the USDA, as recently as 2015 records highs for organic farming peaked with over 4.4 million acres being available and used for one aspect of farming or another. Approximately 55{693caeddec125ac0dffc6900ebb304e7b3460b245f839692e81e846f79eb42e4} ..

Grow Tomato

Growing Tomatoes in Containers; Part #2


Seed Selection: Seed selection is very important when growing food. I personally recommend avoiding GMO seeds at all costs, and I tend to shy away from hybrids as well. We grow all our crops from heirloom seeds, and we harvest seeds from our crops for future seasons. The same will apply to selecting ..


Growing Tomatoes in Containers; Part #1


Have you ever wanted to enjoy fresh, wholesome, deliciously homegrown tomatoes without occupying most of your property with unsightly and unruly tomato plants? When grown in a garden, tomato plants and vines can be difficult to contain; however, tomato plants grow quite nicely when placed into large ..

Winterize Garden

Winterizing the Garden


It’s late fall here in the south, or early winter as it were, leaves are changing color, dying off and falling to the ground. Squirrels are stashing nuts and berries to prepare for surviving winter, and life on the farm begins to wind down a bit. This weekend one of our main goals around the […]

Sweet Potato

How to Harvest Sweet Potatoes


Regardless of how you enjoy sweet potatoes, candied, mashed, or baked, there’s very little that can compare to the amazing flavor of a properly harvested sweet potato. To savor the flavor of sweet potato recipes you will need to do more than just growing and harvesting these tubers. In the grand scheme ..


Grow Your Own Avocados


If you are interested in eating healthy, then you have probably heard of avocados and how beneficial they can be to have in your diet. Do you enjoy guacamole? It is a guilt-free snack that can only be made using this fantastic fruit; didn’t know avocados were fruit? Well, now you do, and there are […]