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Old Farmers

Creating the Planting Calendar


One of the most important tasks for gardeners, especially those who are brand new to the task, is the creation of a planting calendar. What plants should you get started indoors and when? Which seeds should you plant directly in the ground and when? Do you have plans to plant cold climate crops? If so, […]

How to Have a Green Thumb During Winter


When it comes to winter gardening, there are a few things you can do to keep that “green thumb” going throughout the winter months. For those of you who live in climate zones that experience mild winter weather, it is possible to continue gardening successfully with less to worry about in the form ..

3 Gardening Hacks to Get Your Garden Growing Faster & Leave Your Neighbors Green with Envy


There aren’t many gardening hacks you can employ successfully when trying to get your garden to grow faster. There is, however, a ton of bad gardening advice available all over the internet. We are going to focus on 3 specific gardening hacks that will get your garden up and running quicker, get the plants ..

House Plant Problems

Diagnosing Common Problems with Plants


People who are unfamiliar with growing plants normally experience one or more of the problems we will be covering today. This is a very simple guide for beginning gardeners to give them the opportunity to develop a “green thumb.” Seasoned gardeners have all experienced these problems with their plants ..


Stop Slaughtering House Plants


Are you frustrated with trying to grow a lush indoor landscape full of healthy house plants? Do you find yourself accidentally killing the house plants you spend so much time and effort trying to raise? Believe it or not, this is quite common, especially among new indoor gardeners and people who may not necessarily ..


Keep Your Plants Pest Free


Planning! Planning is one of the most important aspects of the gardening process. Gardeners plan to plant their gardens in locations that are best suited for the plants they intend to grow; it is essential to growing a healthy surplus of edible food. However, even with the best laid plans, pests and disease ..

SB 2

Straw Bale Gardening Instructions


First things first, if you’re going to grow a garden using straw bales, you need at least one straw bale. Hay can also be used if straw is unavailable. While hay has more nutrients to feed the plants, hay bales also cost more than straw. Straw is essentially the stalks of cereal grains that were […]

Straw Bale Gardening

Sustainable Straw Bale Gardening Solutions


If you’re a traditional gardener, then there’s a better than average chance you’ve never heard of “straw bale” gardening. If you’ve heard of straw bale gardening, then you are probably just as skeptical as I once was when the idea first found its way across my desk. When I first read about ..

No Dig

The No Dig Sustainable Gardening Concept


If you’ve never heard of the “No Dig” sustainable gardening concept, don’t feel left out, I just stumbled across it myself. This is a non-cultivation concept that has gained popularity around the world. This is not a concept that you want to try everywhere. It is a solution for those who live ..

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Reflections on WWII Government Gardening Campaigns


During regional natural disasters, such as the hurricanes that frequently slam into the American southeast, the tornadoes that smash through the American Midwest, and winter blizzards that cripple entire regions of the south-land unexpectedly, local grocers and big box stores run steadily exhaust their ..